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Training Medical Reps and Field Accompaniment

Momentum Group has, over many years, specialized in the professional development of Medical Representatives both in Israel and abroad. We hold workshops for novice and advanced field reps. We are also experts in field accompaniment to improve results, including advanced skills, region management and the use of advanced aids. The program is based on designated models (EI, TOYF C.O.M.P.A.C.T). Aviad Goz, Chairman of the Group is a recognized world expert in this field and has developed and adapted these field models for the Israeli market. The trainers in this field are experienced experts from the Pharma & medical devises industry. Practice is usually performed using the real products the reps are working with, while resolving their specific issues in the market. Participants in the workshop are given language, advanced skills and practical tools to improve their performance and precise feedback in the field, to further improve their performance.

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