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About Momentum

Momentum Group has been one of Israel’s leading Organizational Training and Development companies for the past three decades. Momentum was founded by Aviad Goz in the early 1990’s, as a response at the time, to an already existing need in the market for professional and personal training in organizations.
Over the years, Momentum Group experts have worked with approximately 3,000 companies and organizations in global markets and in Israel.
Momentum’s customers are amongst the largest international companies in the world, such as: Microsoft, Google, Intel, eBay, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and others, companies with the highest standards of   quality and training.
At the same time, we worked with small technological start-ups and organizations dealing with life sciences. Our activities touched the entire spectrum of organizations in various fields and industries. Momentum’s experts work with a wide range of organizational levels including CEOs, senior management, mid-level management, and front-line managers as well as service and sales representatives.
Momentum Group is unique in that it alone presents leading global training content in Israel. For many years we brought dozens of the most current, research-based training programs created by prominent global management and leadership experts, to Israel. Throughout our activities we have assisted people and organizations to grow, develop and realize their potential. We have trained and qualified moderators, mentors, trainers and lecturers in Israel and abroad, and developed innovative training and organizational development topics, based on state-of-the-art research by global opinion leaders.


Aviad Goz


Founder and Chairmen of Momentum Group. Aviad is an international opinion leader in the fields of individual and organizational development, and human evolution. For thirty years, Aviad developed dozens of training programs with the most up to date content, published twelve books in various languages, and trained about two thousand organizations in Israel and abroad. Today, Aviad is engaged in the development of CEO’s and the strategic navigation of senior management. Aviad has qualified generations of mentors and facilitators, and his work has impacted and changed the lives of thousands more around the world.
“If the wind in your sails is strong enough, you can sail any distance, to any destination.”

Ronan ben Naftali

"If you think of a year - a seed of rice, if you think of a decade - a tree,

But if you're thinking about a hundredth anniversary" 

An ancient Chinese saying


Ronen is a management and political science graduate. He is a senior facilitator, mentoring managers, facilitating workshops and leading organizational processes of change. He has over a decade of management experience. He leads management development processes, business leadership, manages debates and conferences, manages conflicts, delegation of authority and empowerment of employees, building trust, visions, values and objectives. He is qualified to lead and train a variety of courses for Franklin Covey (The Seven Dimensions of Habit, Business Leadership, The 4 Disciplines of Execution and the Speed of Trust) , and Barnes and Conti. He has trained and mentored at a wide range of companies and organizations such as HP, AMDOCS, Indigo, EDS, Intel, Verint, GE, the Ministry of Education, ZIM, Rafael, IDF’s Command and Staff College, Air Force, Intelligence Corps, Navy, Diplomat, Bank Leumi, Discount Bank, Hishtil, Ma’abarot Group and others.

Sarah Marcus

"Only those who take a risk and go far find out how far they can go"

Albert Einstein


VP of Swiss N.E.W.S®. . A workshop facilitator, management mentor, with vast managerial experience. A former human resources manager in the hotel industry. Her acquaintance with many organizations in all fields of the international and Israeli industry, gives her with a unique perspective on the processes she leads. She has extensive experience in leading managerial development processes, skills of influence without authority, personal and interpersonal efficacy, business consulting and much more. She has facilitated and mentored at a variety of organizations including: Isrotel, CME , Qualitest, ITC and others.

Ofir Gal



אופיר גל.png

Ophir is a professional consultant for the development of training processes. He has extensive experience in developing training programs and executive development in support of organizational objectives. Ophir has vast experience working with organizations from a wide range of industries, working with various levels within the organizations. Previously, Ophir managed global development programs for Israeli start-up companies for the Technion Institute of Management (TIM), managed clients and training for YISSUM, and was responsible for professional training at TELRAD NETWORKS and he was involved in executive development at IBM Israel. Ophir has a degree in human resource management and in business administration from Ben Gurion University, and is certified as a strategic consultant, by the Technion, and certified by the Association as a Professional Strategic Consultant PSCI.

Sylvia Barrill

"He who can see the invisible, can do the impossible" Frank L. Gaines


CEO of Momentum Group. Silvia holds a master’s degree in Organizational Consulting and has 19 years of experience working with organizations. She is an expert at diagnosing and profoundly understanding organizational problems, and developing integrated solutions, training, assimilating and accompanies companies to ensure their success. Her experience as a senior executive deeply connects her to the executive challenges of senior managers in leading organizations in Israel. She is a consultant for organizational processes of change and development of organizational teams. She accompanies senior executives to achieve results, and human resource and training managers in diagnostics and development processes, tailored to diverse levels in the organization. She mentors and accompanies executives based on the N.E.W.S® model, when they transfer to a new position, and to improve managerial efficacy and team results. She has trained, mentored and facilitated a wide range of companies and organizations including : Hilton hotels, Alum-Eshet, Novartis, Diplomat, Beit Yaakov Center, Skyvision, Bidalgo, Amdocs, Checkmarkx and others.

Shlomi Afriat

"It's not the strongest species that survives, nor the smartest, but the one that reacts the fastest to change"

Charles Darwin 

שלומי אפריאט.jpg

Shlomi developed his career working for 30 years in a wide range of positions in the field of Medical Devices. He has a background of medical technological studies, participated in medical procedures as a professional consultant, which he combined with sales and thereafter lead teams and senior managerial roles in a leading global company. He has experience in management areas, profit units, developing and implementing strategy. Business administration studies for BA and MBA were an addition to his field experience. As an executive, he worked hard to ensure personal development for many employees, his training as a personal and organizational coach contributed highly to focusing on team development. His has the ability to understand the needs of an organization to coach groups and individuals to deal with internal and external organizational situations, a proactive approach to prevention of crises and the ability to transmit effective tools for teamwork, time management, sales, synchronization of expectations, conduct in a global organization and navigation of a structured matrix, while motivating employees – not through authority but by generating motivation.

Efrat Yas'or

Owner MA 

in Organizational Sociology from the University of Haifa, group facilitator, certified as a mentor within the ®.NEWS program

אפרת יסעור.jpg

Efrat Yasur has an MA in organizational sociology from Haifa University, is a group facilitator, and is certified as a coach and mentor by N.E.W.S®.. Efrat has over 20 years of experience as a human resources manager and an organizational consultant. In these roles she has provided corporate consultations to managers and human resource workers. She has specialized in building and leading processes of transformation, strategic processes, team development, establishing and facilitating workshops designated for executives and human resource managers, and managing various skills such as: providing feedback, employee development, connectivity, empowering and motivating employees, managing without authority, interfaces, interpersonal communication, managing in changing, dynamic surroundings and more. Efrat’s objective and purpose is to integrate theory and practical experience, broad and profound understanding of organizational processes and conduct meaningful conversations one on one, in order to suit responses to personal needs and to achieve practical and applicable results with the customer, that will be effective over time.

Idan Barkai

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer. 

עידן ברקאי.jpg

Idan has an MA in organizational consulting, is a senior group facilitator, and for the past two decades has been a coach, a trainer and a mentor for employees and managers on all levels, a team developer, accompanying management in strategic processes of change in a variety of hi-tech organization, the financial sector, public organizations, the IDF and the Third Sector. The professional credo guiding Idan, is that every individual, group and organization has strengths and obstacles. He assists them in identifying them and deciphering them, in order to leap to the next step – being at their best. Idan has extensive experience in personal consulting and processes of group facilitating. He specializes in working on limiting conceptions and development of interpersonal skills, leading processes of growth for employees and executives in a wide range of fields and industries. He integrates experiential learning which deepens assimilation and implementation. He has facilitated, coached and mentored managers and employees at a variety of organizations including: Strauss Water, SolarEdge, BMC, Newpharm, Johnson & Johnson, Nano Dimension, Kimberly-Clark, Qualitest, Ikea, Harel Insurance, Discount bank, IDF - Technological and Logistics Directorate.

Rauch Elboim Foundation

קרן ראוך.jpg

Facilitator and organizational consultant for the past two decades. Keren holds an MBA, has specialized in organizational consulting, has a BA in behavioral sciences and human resource management from the College of Management. She has extensive experience mentoring, training and consulting, management, team accompaniment and development. Her approach is determined, practical and purposeful, spiced with humor and she is strongly connected to people. She mentors and accompanies diverse populations in the public and private business sector; develops and leads executive development programs, navigation of management teams and organic units in establishing a vision, values, goals and core processes. She accompanies and mentors managers on the job individually, facilitates workshops on peer learning, team building and development, management and improvement of interfaces and partnerships in the organization. She has mentored, trained and facilitated at a variety of companies and organizations including: Samsung, Novartis, Medison, Rafael, Israel Land Authority, Omrix, Corneat Vision, Union Motors, Clal Insurance, Elbit, Newpharm , Diplomat, the IDF and many others.

Dikla Tabib Haronian




Dikla has a BA in sociology, anthropology and Hebrew from Bar Ilan University. Dikla served as VP human resources at one Israel’s leading retail companies. She combines the worlds of management and organizational development with the world of sales and marketing, recruiting and HR. As part of her position, Dikla established and managed an in-house training system, dealing with management, sales and services. Dikla believes that people who are at a crossroad in their career must demonstrate business skills in order to succeed, and these are qualities that organizations need. Dikla therefore combines the two, lecturing, mentoring, coaching and consulting in the fields of career planning and management, and preparations for the future job market, for those looking for work, or in between careers, along with supporting organizations in recruiting, human resources and development of executives. Dikla is a leading lecturer for retirement courses for the Prime Minister’s Office and the ISI on the topic of preparing people for the work world. In addition, Dikla teaches courses on Human Resources, Recruitment and Service and Sales Systems and at the Ono Academic College at Kiryat Ono, at the College of Management Academic Studies. Her workshops and lectures include topics such as: career planning and management, opportunities for employment in a dynamic, changing world, positioning and personal branding in a world of uncertainty, interviews – behavior and situations, giving feedback, interviewing recruiting managers, presentations and transmission of themes of time and energy management, recruiting sales people in a changing world, selling premium products, training sales and marketing staff - a waste of time or an investment? and more.


Believes in man's expansive ability to create creative solutions and an enabling space of action within the existing limitations. In every professional and personal role, man is the sole CEO of his life.

נסי גולן.jpg

For the past 25 years, Nessi Golan – Hadas has been leading development processes for individuals, groups and teams in personal and team effectiveness, communication, management functions, resource management, leadership and management. She has been qualified for 18 years to provide personal and managerial guidance using the N.E.W.S®.. method. Her BA in occupational therapy from the University of Tel Aviv provides her with deep perception and understanding of the individual in all areas of their lives. For the past decade Nessi has served as director of training and facilitator training in an organization that specializes in promoting independent businesses. All of her vast experience, professional and personal knowledge, Nessi brings to training, workshops, courses and lectures, in order to bring about broad, effective and significant results.

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