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״In order to thrive in a changing world, people and organizations must keep up to date and reinvent themselves״

Aviad Goz

We develop individuals and organizations. This has always been our mission. In a changing world, managers and employees need to constantly strive to expand their abilities, skills, tools and relevant perception.
Organizations need to undergo innovative, rapid and up-to-date processes. Momentum Group leads training and organizational development processes that help individuals and organizations flourish and realize their potential in the best possible way.


Our Brands

We live in a world that is changing rapidly. Shifting market requirements need groundbreaking solutions. Organizational processes must be developed. Managers and employees are obliged to develop new skills and tools in order to cope with the changing environment.
The Y Generation, which is starting to fill many positions, brings with it varying needs and a changing culture. In order to respond to these needs, we have brought a number of leading global programs in this field, to Israel:


A selection of programs from this leading global training company,
which deal with productive personal and interpersonal efficacy, time management and strategic leadership.

N.E.W.S® Navigation Programs
A variety of leading global programs dealing with the strategic navigation of teams and management, senior management training, qualifying managers and leaders as coaches and team leaders.

Leading global programs that deal with presentations, formulation of ideas and themes, affecting influence without authority and interface management.

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