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Organizational Transformation Process

 In a rapidly changing environment, organizations are hard-pressed to change and adapt themselves to the changes around them.
Organizations that do not change at the required pace, lose their market share, their growth is arrested, and they risk becoming completely irrelevant.
The required changes might sometimes be minor, other times they might be substantial, and sometimes complete transformation of the organization is a necessity.
Organizational transformation may include changes on personal levels, cultural, strategic, operational, technological, structural and marketing levels of the organization.
MOMENTUM specializes in 2 types of transformation:
Strategic Transformation – this is necessary under certain conditions of the market, product or services provided by the company or their distribution in various markets. The structured processes of Organizational and Team Navigation provided by N.E.W.S. ®, enable speedy fine tuning of the entire company, which generates high level commitment and engagement.

Cultural and Behavioral Transformation – is necessary when the company’s culture does not support the results the organization wishes to achieve. When the behavior, attitudes, and standards practiced in the organization  are not relevant to its healthy advancement and growth. The methodical N.E.W.S. ® processes of personal navigation, development and coaching of managers, along with organizational and team navigation, are successful in organizations throughout the world. Transformation starts on a personal and individual level and only afterwards deals with structures and processes.

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