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Becoming an Organizational Mentor according to N.E.W.S. ®

Organizational Mentorship according to N.E.W.S. ® was established over the past 15 years, as the leading global methodology preferred by numerous organizations throughout the world.
This is the most structured training methodology in existence today. It is acclaimed around the world by leaders and thinkers in the industry:
In the words of the late John Whitmore, who created the GROW Model : “N.E.W.S. ® methodology is the next generation of GROW”.
Or in the words of David Covey, son of Steven Covey previous CEO of Franklin Covey: “N.E.W.S. ® Navigation is the next ‘ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’”.
Why would two such huge leaders in the industry praise the N.E.W.S. ® model in this way?
Because N.E.W.S. ® is a measurable process with proven ROI yields.
N.E.W.S. ® is exclusively designed for organizations and their specific challenges.
N.E.W.S. ® is the most structured mentoring methodology that is also highly adaptable.
N.E.W.S. ® is a process focused on results, with a clear road map for coaching based on the Matrix -12 evaluation.
Mentoring according to N.E.W.S. ® is carried out with a  designated digital Mentoring Kit.
The process of  Mentoring according to N.E.W.S. ®, is easily deployed, assimilates language and can be replicated, which makes it excellent for training and certification of mentors within organizations and outside of them.
The N.E.W.S. ® Model for Organizational Mentoring, is based on proven research evidence, countless studies , books and worldwide recommendations.
Organizational Mentoring according to the N.E.W.S. ® model, has exceptional results transforming managers into Leading Managers in their organizations.

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