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The Process of Developing Internal Organizational Mentors

Many organization develop internal organizational mentors within the framework of their internal empowering processes.
These mentors usually execute the processes  in a spontaneous and intuitive manner. In order to improve the results of these processes, organizations invest in practical built-in tools and skills that will assist the mentors in the process. Managerial, or Cross – Mentoring, is a unique approach that develops and empowers both managers and mentees at once, thus expanding their abilities and  their contribution to the organization.
Mentoring according to the  N.E.W.S. ® Model, is a holistic process that is structured, systematic and extremely practical, relating to the individual inclusively as a whole, and taking into account their overall needs (both personal and professional) along with the needs of the organization.
This holistic, inclusive vision makes it possible to find long-term solutions that support the growth and development of the mentors and the mentees, as well as focusing on improving their results in clear, defined areas.

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